Excalibur Fusion-Welded Vinyl Windows

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Excalibur (View brochure)


1. Vinyl frames and sashes will never chip, peel,
crack or warp. Made tough and solid with PVC resin,
their color is formulated throughout so the beautiful luster lasts.

2. Multi-chambered sash and mainframe create insulating
air spaces for thermal efficiency.

3. Insulated glass unit featuring double strength
glass with optimal air space improves year round

4. Warm Edge Spacer System maximizes performance
and longevity.

5. Interlock at sash meeting rails adds to your sense of
security, comfort and well-being.

6. Protective bulb seal helps to prevent air infiltration
at the meeting rail.

7. Fully extruded lift rails provide strength and stability
for easy operation.

8. Drop in glazing for extra protection from the elements.

9. Sloped sill forces water to drain to the exterior of the

10. Hidden screen track for clean lines and added beauty.

11. Protective bulb seal at the sill provides extra
protection from the elements – sealing tightly against
dust, dirt and air infiltration.

Plus these additional features:

• Fusion-weldedframes andsashes add strength and

• Dual ventilatorlocks provide a safe, secure way to
keep windows open for proper ventilation.

• Fullbalance covers help protect against air infiltration
while adding a finished look to the window frame.

• Constantforcebalance system eliminates sash cords,
weights and pulleys. You’ll benefit from smooth,
comfortable fingertip operation.

• Tilt-intopandbottomsashes make cleaning safe and
easy from inside the home.

• Doublebarrier-finweatherstripping at sash sides helps
keep out dirt and noise, and protects against air infiltration.

• Beveledexteriorprofile gives windows a clean, elegant look.

Excalibur Vinyl Window Features